Power Management and High Altitude

Highest Airport / Flight School in North America (9,927 ft.)

RAVCO’s Mountain/High Altitude Training and Test Site (M/HATTS) is the most challenging training course that you’ll ever take. Our training facility in Leadville, Colorado, is located in the middle of the Rocky Mountains and is the highest airport (9,927 ft.) in the continental United States. We start where others leave off.

Our specialty courses are designed to teach the knowledge and skills you’ll need to perform in some of the most demanding flying conditions you’ll ever encounter. Flying in the mountains is a different experience from flying in any other environment. Reduced engine power, decreased lift, hypoxia, terrain, and treacherous winds and weather are all working against you. Our private Landing Zones range from 6,000 ft. all the way to the top of Mt. Sherman at 14,036 ft., the highest LZ in the lower 48 states. At M/HATTS you’ll gain the real-world high altitude experience, understanding, and confidence that no other lower elevation course can.

Flight training is conducted in the MD-530F (MH-6), A-Star 350B3, BO-105, the Bell 206 (OH-58), and the Bell 205A+ (UH-1) helicopters. Other helicopter models, such as the S-70 (UH-60) and the AH-1 Cobra are available on request. Our instructors are all former military instructor pilots with years of international real-world mountain flying experience.

Course Offerings

Basic Mountain Flying: 5 Day Course ( 1week course)

10 hours Ground School: Introduction to Flight Physiology, Human Factors, Mountain Weather, Aerodynamics,Navigation, Aircraft Performance, Crew Resource Management, and Mountain Operations.

6.5 hours Flight Training: Goals are understanding the fundamentals of mountain flying and mastering aircraft power management.

Advanced Mountain Flying: 10 day course (2 week course)

14 hours Ground School: In-depth understanding of Flight Physiology, Human Factors, O2 Systems, Illusions, Geography, Mountain Weather, Aerodynamics, Navigation, Aircraft Performance, and Advanced Mountain Operations/Concepts.

14  hours Advanced Maneuvers/Concepts Flight Training: Power Management, Snow/White-out landings, Mountain Flying Techniques, Toe-ins and Single Skid Maneuvers, Pinnacles and Ridges, Tactical Mountain Operations, Search and Rescue, and High Performance Maneuvers.

Advanced Night/NVG Mountain Flying: 5 day course

8 hours Ground School: Flight/Night Physiology, Human Factors, Mountain Weather, Aerodynamics, Navigation, Aircraft Performance, O2 Systems, Tactical Mountain Operations, Night/NVG Mountain Considerations.

8 hours Flight Training: 2 hours Advanced Day Maneuvers/Concepts and 6 hours Night/NVG Flight Training (must have previous mountain/NVG experience).

Flight Instructor Course: 5 day course
Learn M/HATTS’ concepts and mountain flight techniques to bring back to your organization. Develop tools and lesson plans to teach critical concepts to prepare students for the high altitude and mountain environment. 10 hours flight time.
Custom Courses
We can develop custom course material/programs to meet your specific needs. Topics include Search and Rescue (SAR), Law Enforcement (LE), EMS, Vertical Reference/Long-line, Firefighting, Rescue Hoist, and Advanced Tactical Training. Mountain Survival courses are also available. Please contact us for details.