Fast Ropes

Our Fast Ropes are constructed from 1.75 inch Low-SireTaut Dupont Dacron, 8 braid construction for fast and safe insertions.
Can be made with or without FRIES ends. All fast ropes are made in accordance with MIL-F-44422.

60 FT. FAST ROPE:  $1111.00
(NSN: 4020-01-338-3307)

90 FT. FAST ROPE: $1450.00
(NSN: 4020-01-338-3308)

120 FT. FAST ROPE: $1950.00
(NSN: 4020-01-338-3309)

Special Patrol Insertion/Extraction (SPIE) Ropes

RAVCO’s SPIE ROPE is available as either a 120 FT. or 150 FT.  Length with ten D-RIN for personal attachment. The entire rig is tested at 10,000 LBS.

120 FT. SPIE ROPE: $1250.00

150 FT. SPIE ROPE: $1400.00

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