External Lift

With unique external load capabilities, our helicopters can transport just about anything. Whether you need materials brought into a remote forest or a commercial air conditioner placed on top of a building, our helicopters and experienced staff at RAVCO have what it to get it done. Helicopters are an ideal way to overcome logistical issues such as coordination of resources, site access, and time constraints. Jobs that would normally take days to a week to complete can now be completed within a few hours using a helicopter.

Every external load operation is unique, so we take the time to assess each task requirement and determine the best technique that will accomplish the job safely. Our company is Part 133 and 135 certified, and our pilots are trained to perform Class B and Class C helicopter external load operations.

Here are some examples of external load operation services we provide:

  • Aerial Construction Support: Utilizing a helicopter eliminates the setup and tear down costs of employing a conventional crane. From commercial air conditioners to steel columns and light poles, our heavy lifting capabilities allow for a high degree of stability and accurate placement.
  • Aircraft Recovery: Our helicopters and advanced equipment allow us to access remote areas to salvage downed aircrafts. We have been contracted by government agencies or insurance companies to locate the aircraft and export it with ease and precision.

We utilize a large range of only the best external load equipment that all contribute to increased
speed and efficiency for each job. Long lines, cargo nets, release hooks, swivels, radios, and other
equipment, are all available to provide cost and time saving benefits to our customers.