High Altitude Flight Test Site Solutions

RAVCO’s Leadville, Colorado facility is designed to help facilitate your High Alititude Test Plan. We can provide a heated modern hangar built with flight testing in mind.

Facility and Services

  • Conference Rooms with Teleconference/Projector capability
  • Private Flight Operations / Communications room
  • Flight Planning Facility
  • Secure Offices/Cubicles
  • Heated hangar space (segregation available on request)
  • Overhead Crane/Tools
  • Wireless internet and laser printers
  • On-site Crash/ Rescue services
  • Access to all high-altitude LZs
  • O2 Refill
  • Catering
  • Pilot locker rooms/showers
  • Level 2 Storage/Safes
  • Fuel (Jet-A, 100 LL)
  • External cargo loads
  • Support Personnel (drivers, mechanics, office/admin support)
  • Vehicles (4×4 trucks and ATVs)
  • Photography/Videography support (ground and in-flight)
  • Storage space
  • Forklift support
  • DoD Facility Clearance

Future Leadville, Colorado Hangar

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