Helicopter Aerial Powerline and Pipeline Patrol

Helicopters are one of the most effective methods of aerial utility and pipeline patrol. They offer excellent visibility, the ability to fly low and slow, and hover and land if needed. The helicopter’s ability to land immediately to evaluate leaks, washouts, or other activity near the right-of-way is a valuable assessment and prevention tool. It increases immediate availability to problem situations, as well as offers a much better view than other aircraft.

RAVCO uses Bell 206BIII and AS-350 helicopters for powerline and pipeline patrol. The Bell 206BIII Jet Ranger is our most popular choice, it provides a turbine powered helicopter that has the power, speed, visibility, and low-cost. Our AS-350 AStar is a more powerful helicopter that adds additional safety and capability for challenging and high-altitude power and pipelines that ordinary helicopters can inspect . The AS-350 is ideal for the challenging mountain environments that the Rocky Mountains of the Western States as well as high-speed flight. Both helicopter types are supported by various FLIR and LiDAR instrument manufactures.

Helicopter Patrol Services

• Pipeline Patrol
• Power Line Patrol
• Fiber-optic Line Patrol
• Pipeline Construction Support
• Right-of-Way Surveys
• Right-of-Way Aerial Videotaping
• Structure Photography
• Span Surveys
• GPS Mapping
• Emergency Line Inspection

FLIR Services from RAVCO